スタンダードライン”The Originals”に関してはオンスでは表現できないヘビーな素材感ながら深みのある色合いを追及。さらにデザインに特化した”The Evolution”ラインと同様どことなく少しトゲのあるデザインは、天女とは真逆に「TOKYO」という街でたくましく生き抜く“カラス”を想起させる。

だから、加工ジーンズも単なる汚れや擦れにこだわっているわけではなく、穿く人の生き様を見事に投影する美学が宿っている。 こだわりも随所に注入され、100%ジャパンメイドであり、加工に関して職人の手作業で生まれるアイテムは、実に複雑な表情を醸し出す。


Started by a designer who started a career of a vintage buyer and a denim craftsman in Okayama Japan.

Crafted with a image of "as comfortable as celestial raiment of a Japanese heavenly maiden" It is to transmitt the quality and capacity of Japanese product.

The Director also designs for another apparel brand, which gives effect to the design innovative,and will be eye-catching, while the most of jean production looks alike.

“The Originals”the standard line up is made with the fabric only for MEGAMIORI DENIMES.You can’t find such thickness and soft touch at the same time , the indigo blue color is deeper than any other denim products.”The Evolution”line is specialized with creative design.

The true deep navy blue of the fabric,tough solid touch,and edged design reminds you a crow who live independently in the Japanese metropolis Tokyo without any help from others."MEGAMIORI DENIMES"are the realest workwear for an urban survival.

The damaging and aging process is not only to defiling or scratching,but also to express and represent the lifestyle of who wear them.

It is 100% Japan made with pride of craftsman,the pairs appear with complex look. Every pair has own personality.